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I will work with you one-on-one to help you learn how to tap into the inherent wisdom within yourself to navigate from where you are now to where you want to be. I can help YOU curate a life you wish by guiding you to learn appreciation and love of who you are and what your worth is.

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Services For Pregnant Women

Get a sense of the energy of mother and baby and create a mediation for you to be able to connect on a spiritual level with the baby. Will also work with a grandmother or an aunt.

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Executive Leadership

Speaking: Learn how to use your voice with a speech language pathologist- access, use, speak, learn tricks to extend the longevity of your voice to become a more confident speaker.

Strategy Session: Navigating your next step in business, if you dream it, we can find a path to create it.

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Audio-book Preparation

Creating an audiobook is one of the fastest ways for your book to gain popularity and widen your audience. Preparing for your audio may feel daunting but I can make it fun and easy. Conveying your message through your voice is a powerful tool. As a speech Pathologist I can share tips and tools to keep your voice at its best so that your message transcend the page.

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Writing is a team sport. Your manuscript is your baby. The underlying message in your work is what will inevitably bring readers to your book. The process of publishing can feel overwhelming and have you questioning the process and even your success. I work with authors that are feeling unsure of the process and guide them to let go of the uncertainty that comes when releasing your book into the world. By reminding authors what their intrinsic message is and why they want to convey it. It is essential for an author to always be connected to their work and approach the tasks necessary to be published as part of the entire process.

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1:1 Mentorship Discovery Form
& Call

Are you curious about your spiritual connection? Do you secretly desire to have more connection to your intuitive side? If that is you, I would be honored to help you navigate this journey as you explore and discover your own spiritual path.

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Includes: • Zoom calls discussing: intuitive taskings + increasing consciences + using crystals + what is consciousness + how to connect to your guide + how to connect to your angel + how to create a daily practice to connect to yourself.
• Weekly card / meditations to increase your consciousness and give you information on how to navigate through the week.

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Daily Rituals Personalized for Your Connection

This is perfect for people who would like a personalized meditation to allow you to focus on a specific issue that you are moving through. Also this is a great tool to initiate a practice to develop your own connection spiritually. I can create rituals for you to have conversations with your guides.

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Meditation: Create a personalized mantra for you to use daily to step into what you are trying to let go of or expand into.

Daily Ritual: Teaching you a modality so that you have a tool to use to develop a connection to your consciousness. This is the basis of how you can grow your own inner connection to yourself, trust, and the relationship for you and create a dialog between you and your awareness of the universe.

Building Connection: Creating a personalized approach to connecting to yourself daily.

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Oracle Cards

• Mentoring to learn to use and read Oracle cards. 

• Readings for you.

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Soul Plan Destiny Readings

1 Two-Hour Overview (W/ A Person)

• Discovering what the frequency of your names means and how it correlates to your destiny.

• The Soul Plan destiny can help with name creations for personal and business.

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Timeline Trauma: Heal & Let Go

Guiding you on how you may be holding on to things that you experienced or inherited from those in your past and how to release those emotional pieces. A release technique that allows you to recreate experiences with a new view.

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A New Lense For Judgement

A new perspective on looking at events that are reoccurring in your life and understanding the lessons they are trying to teach you.

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Spirit Guide Channeling

Guide you how to discover your angels and guides and how they are connecting with you.

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Remote Reiki Energy Clearing

Certified Practitioner

Consciousness Healing

Shifting your energy from one place to another to let it go and move into your healing process.

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Akashic Records Session

These records are information containing incredible wisdom and insight from a soul level. These are for you if you’re curious to learn your journey through time.

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Trust Your Intuition Membership

• Daily text messages/ meditations, and channeled messages – that allow you to connect back to you. This is the # 1 tool to expand this innate gift.
• You receive a Special gift for signing up.
• 3 Zoom calls that are recorded to dive deeper, providing tools to increase your consciousness: how crystals can help you into your gifts about what consciousness is, what timelines are tools to connect to your guides, how to connect to your angels, and how do you create your own spiritual practice?
• Birthday personal card reading.

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Oracle Session

Cards whether they be oracle or tarot, are a tool to create a tangible connection to what answers we are seeking. When Robin is pulling cards for you she is receiving channeled messages. These messages are answers for questions you may have expressed or ones that have been in your thoughts. All the information that is relayed is only for your highest good. 15 increments.

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Animal Connectivity

In this session, Robin will connect with your beloved pet(s) and share all that they want you to know. This session has helped many pet owners create a deeper bond with all their fur-babies.

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Furry-side Chat

Pop-up event – bring your animal and you will get a reading on you and your animal. Great for reduced animals to know how to be the best – person for them.

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Discover Your Path

If you have been struggling with making a decision in the area of business, romance, life, etc., this conversation will allow you create a path towards your future.

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Crystals are, in themselves, powerful healing tools. Each one has its own vibration and frequency and they can be matched to specific frequencies and energy centers within yourself. Knowing which crystal to use to highlight what you want to focus on within yourself, allows you to boost your energy and sometimes even shift energy.

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Tools I Use

Throughout The Work That I Do

• Rune Stones

• Pendulum

• Singing bowl

• Crystals

• Channeling

• Light Language

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