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Life is a moving entity.

As I moved through my life, I noticed that I got to a point in my life that felt as if I needed to uncover a missing piece. After doing a lot of internal work and leveling my connection spiritually I discovered that this happens to all of us. There was something that I needed to see and understand and let go of or that I was holding on to. There were stories that I was carrying around and I needed to let go of to allow compassion and love into my life. Build the relationship with myself that, as it turns out, is the basis of all other relationships. Open my heart to all more in.

I have discovered tools to release these spots in our life that feel stuck and help people create a new path. I love helping people navigate the path they desire and are meant to be on.

I believe we need to unravel all those stories  and untangle them, it sometimes takes the help of someone else.

Your goal is to take the next step forward. And that is what you do when you work with me.

I will work with you to look deep within yourself to explore what your next steps should be.

Maybe you want to write a book. Maybe you’re in a relationship that is stuck. Maybe you do not know how you got to the space that you’re in and you want to get to the other level.

Let go of what is holding you back.

I worked as a speech pathologist for 38 years and, in working with her clients, she realized she could intuitively help them. I realized that intuition is wisdom that you gain as you walk the path of your life.

I will work with you one-on-one to help you learn how to tap into the inherent wisdom within yourself to navigate from where you are now to where you want to be. I can help YOU curate a life you wish by guiding you to learn appreciation and love of who you are and what your worth is.

We will work together to allow you to sift through all of the “stuff” and give YOURSELF back to YOURSELF so that you can feel whole and have clarity.

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What People Are Saying

Mandala 6

“When I discovered Robin, I was struggling to find my voice. She has a wonderful way of  saying things I’d heard before but in a manner that made total sense to me for the first time. She shifted so many things for me in our time together. she helped me realize that I need to stop stressing about details and just be authentically me. If you are unsure of your message, I highly encourage you to work with Robin.”

BT, California

Mandala 7

“I was stuck and overwhelmed with which oath to take in my career. With just a few simple questions, Robin was able to identify for me what it is that comes easy to me. What do like about myself? Robin was able to find that one thing that was right in front of me all along! I was able to see so clearly what I needed to do and now I could not be more excited for my new path! I was able to look inward and really identify just what I need to do!! Thank you Robin for helping me find my trail!!”

LT, California

Mandala 8

Robin Pollak has changed the way I think. She is intuitive, non judgemental and has the ability to help others figure out their calling. For me personally, she seems to be able to understand my deep passion without telling me what to do. She has given me clarity and encouraged me to believe in myself. I value her expertise as a coach and also someone in the health professions who understands caring for others sometimes more than myself. She pulls me back in to focus and develop goals and follow clear visions. cannot recommend her enough and am so glad I found her to help me.”

DP, Mexico

Mandala 4

“I was questioning it all, not seeing who I was. I forgot me. I was giving my value to everything I did and not what brought me joy. talking to Robin, I was able to discover my own gifts and begin to trust my own intuition and being a part of myself. Begin my journey to explore how to heal myself inside out.”

JC, Canada

Mandala 5

“I never fit into a container and I always believe that there was more to me than what ppl saw mw as. I realized in working with Robin that I needed to heal the judgment that I placed on myself an to start to appreciate myself with love. Which taught me how to love the ppl in my life and begin to love the life I’m in.

KD, Seattle

Mandala 6

“Connecting with Robin has been a gift to myself; she is kind, insightful, wise, and intuitive. Talking to Robin is like talking to a caring friend who encourages me to see a different prospective on issues that may have me “stuck.” I also love Robin’s spiritual gift for understanding my past and helping guide my future.”

LL, California

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Join my mailing list, and I will send you a copy of my exclusive e-book and training designed to help you create a deeper connection to Spirit.

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